Our Mission

We exist because too many babies in low income countries die in their first month of life.  Our mission is to make outstanding care of newborn babies an everyday thing in resource poor areas of the world.

We do that by training the trainers: not only do we teach the skills, but we also teach the candidates how to teach the course.  When qualified in neonatal life support , they can return to their home area and embed the best practices that they have learnt.  When qualified as instructor trainers, they can in turn run their own courses: when enough instructors are sharing their training our work is mostly done, as the training and the practice becomes sustainable and can carry on without further input from us.

The  Newborn Care Course that we use is specifically designed for low and medium resource settings.

Our business plan for 2019-2020 is available by clicking on the hyperlink.  If you feel you can help with the funding or you are interested in being an instructor please do drop us a line via the contact page!

Nurses on duty in Mutengene nursery with a premature baby, Cameroon April 2017

NICHE International is registered with the UK Charity Commission (registration number 1174977).

As per our registration document, the object of the charity is to relieve sickness and to promote and protect good health in the developing world, in particular but not exclusively Cameroon, by working to reduce infant and child mortality by assisting in the provision of training courses and other healthcare projects to neonatal nurses, midwives and allied healthcare staff.

In Cameroon, NICHE International works in partnership with the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services (CBCHS). which has 6 hospitals across CameroonUntil 2016, the Newborn Care Course was delivered in Cameroon under the auspices of Maternal and Childhealth Advocacy International (www.mcai.org.uk).  NICHE International has been set up by some of the instructors involved in those courses in order to continue the project that was started in 2014.  Learners to date have come from government hospitals, St Mary's RC Hospital and the CBCHS hospitals and clinics. CBCHS funds their staff members' transport, food, accommodation and the course manuals. The Cameroon Ministry of Public Health is supportive of the Newborn Care Course but can not, at the moment, fund its own health staff to attend. For the last two years, NICHE International has sponsored some learners from the government hospitals.

In 2018, NICHE instructors were delighted to be invited to Liberia to work in partnership with MCAI and provide the Newborn Care Courses in hospitals there.  The project in Cameroon has reached a certain level of sustainability now and NICHE is currently fundraising to start the process over again in Liberia.  The first Generic Instructor Course there is planned - finances allowing - for November 2019.

Kangaroo Mother Care in action in Bamenda Regional Hospital nursery

Practical workshop on keeping babies warm
Mutengene CBC Hospital

Bamenda Regional Hospital